Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday freebie! Free online photo sharing class! Back to School fun.

Back to school fun!

Happy Monday!

Like many of you, I have children in school. That means it is back to school time!

This past week has been fun, exciting, and a little sad.

My son went to his first day of first grade last Thursday. For him, it was almost like Christmas he was so excited.

For me, I was a little nervous.

 I decided I wanted to make this an extra special experience for him and me.

I love pinterest and the inspiration I find there. The idea's I used came from Pinterest. But, of course I put my spin on it and changed it up a bit.

The night before school started we had a little visit from the "Back to School Fairy"! She brought many fun things to help my son on this new school adventure!

She left a little package on the front door for my son. When he discovered it, he ran around the house yelling "mom, mom, I found a present for me"!

I gathered my family together in the kitchen and had my son show us what was left for him.

On the package was a note left from the fairy! (made using Heritage Collector)

As daddy read the letter, I had my phone out recording  him reading this to our son. I added this narrative  to the digital scrapbook page I made for Jackson about this experience. So, not only will he have the digital scrapbook page to look at, when he looks at it on the computer he will hear his daddy's voice as he looks at the page!

The morning school started I once again decided to make it fun for Jackson. I made him a breakfast ice cream cone. I knew he would have fun with that!

I was right! His eyes just lit up when he saw his special "Back to School" breakfast! It definitely helped with our morning.

Once again, I had my phone out recording Jackson's voice talking about going to school, his fun breakfast, and getting ready to go! I will import that audio to his digital scrapbook page. (I just finished it last week. When I have it converted to video, I will share it with you here!)

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What an adorable kit Krista shared with us! I LOVE the clown!!

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