Friday, May 3, 2013

Door Hanger. The perfect solution!

Summer frustration

Many of us love summer. Who doesn't, right? Well, with the good does come some challenges.
During spring break I was so happy to have my kids home! It was wonderful. But, while my kids were home during the break I was reminded a little of what summer was going to be like. 

I love that my kids have wonderful friends to play with! They are adorable and they play really well together. So, why the frustration? As many of you know, I have twin boys. And yes, they still take afternoon naps. I needed something that would help my kids not get disturbed during nap time and during time to do their jobs.

A fun door hanger seemed to be the perfect logical idea to help.

(I found the idea for the door hanger from Skip to my love blog.)

I created my door hanger in Heritage Collector Storybook. I used Designs by Krista's Festival Fun kit.  It took me literally 15 minutes to make and print out. Right from home! I did laminate it to protect from the weather.

I love simple things that can make life a bit easier! It will be fun to start trying this out! Thanks for visiting! Come back soon.