Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Family History Jar

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Sneek Peak!
The Thanksgiving Holiday is approaching very fast. This happens to be one of my favorite Holidays. I love it!

 A few weeks ago, I was thinking about doing a fun family activity that would hopefully get the family and the children excited about their family history.

As I looked around and thought some more, I came across this idea from musings from mommyland. It was a jar with family history questions inside. Though hers was made the traditional way, which was still very cute, I wanted to make mine more simply and without making a trip to the craft store.

I created a template within Heritage Collector that all you have to do is print, cut, fold your paper flowers and glue. Very simple, yet very cute.

This isn't the greatest picture. I will post more in a week.
The idea for this jar  is to first select an ancestor and someone to take notes. Start passing this jar around the table and have each family member, and yes the kids, too, pull out a question. Then together, the family will answer the question and have the one selected to take notes or even have a recorder going.
Here is a list I made up if you need some ideas on questions to ask.
When you make your own, you could simply print this right from home, cut into strips, fold and place inside your jar. This puts a fun twist on family history!
Once we complete ours, I will post more pictures and information about our experience. If you would like the above template, please contact me.
If you need help on how to fold the paper flower, see this blog.
Thanks for reading and have fun making your own family history jar!
View the free recorded class on how to do this here.