Monday, January 23, 2012

Speak To Me and Use a Good Microphone!

We are asked this question many times. I want to start recording some narrative for my Family History but am not sure what and where to get a decent Microphone.

Below is some valuable information you will want to READ!

Creating a slide show with narrative makes a huge difference. Getting the best sound quality is very important.  However, one of the big problems is finding the right microphone without putting it on your charge card.

Price – Not an Indicator of a Quality Microphone

Over the years I’ve tested many types of microphones with disappointing results. Price does not seem to be the discriminator unless you spend over $100 which is more than I can not justify.
In my experience, pricey technology does not seem to make any difference. In fact, the more expensive microphones provided inferior sound quality.  The least expensive USB microphone I used made me sound like I was recording in the bathroom. Not exactly the image I wanted to portray of where I make my recordings even though no one bothers you there!
Previously I recommended the GE microphone / headset sold at Target. However, you had to get the headset with a removable microphone to get the right one. Unfortunately my local Target no longer carries that model of the GE headset and requires you purchase on-line. I’m too impatient to wait so I checked out the microphones at Radio Shack.

A Great Little Secret

Excellent and Inexpensive MicI’m delighted to report that Radio Shack carries an outstanding microphone for about $15. You read correctly, fifteen bucks! It gets even better. It has a six foot cable, lapel clip and mute button. What more could you ask? Does it sound like a $15 mic? Nope! The sound quality is excellent. I’m so impressed I’ve been using it for the webinars I produce.
Go to Radio Shack and ask for the “Gigaware, Clip on Microphone.”
Good things still come in small packages.
Speaking makes you look so good so record yourself for the kids and family to treasure in the future.
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Advice and tips from today's post came from Marlo Schuldt.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fun Valentine Idea!

I wish I could totally take credit for this fun project but I can't.

I was browsing through Pinterest the other day and found something similar to what I made. I just made a few of my own personal touches.

This is really quite an easy and inexpensive project to make. I first designed an 8 x 10 page in Heritage Collector Storybook. I used a background from Designs by Krista and an Alphabet set from Just So Scrappy.

 I created the page just the way I wanted it then had it printed on photo paper. This page printed only cost me about $1.50!

I found a very inexpensive plain black frame from Walmart. Framed the picture. Picked up some dry erase markers and a pretty iron black easel, and now I have the perfect gift to give my husband this Valentines Day!

I will display this in my Master Bathroom on the counter so my hubby will see these fun messages before he goes to work in the morning! The glass makes it super easy to write directly on with your dry erase markers. Wipes off really easy too!

Thats for stopping by today!

I will post my mini Valentine book next week. Keep an eye out!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Mini Valentine Book

I hope all of you had a wonderful time ringing in the New Year! We had a fun spending time with our children.

Now that the Holidays are behind us and Marlo is feeling better, we are ready to get back to work. I hope in the next few weeks I will have my Valentine templates ready for you!

Here is a little preview of a mini book I am going to suprise my husband with this Valentines day. It's a 4x4 book that I will bind together with two metal rings. I will post the finished product in a week or so.

Here's a little sneak peek! As always, created using Heritage Collector Storybook

I will print these out on photo paper and glue them to chip board.
The graphics that I used to make these came from Designs by Krista.

Thanks for looking!