Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Simple Children's Behavior Charts. Tuesday Freebie!

Just like you mom's with a busy household and a very long daily to do list, the most difficult thing I deal with on a daily basis is helping my children stay happy and help out around the house.

It has taken me quite a long time to find something that my kids respond to and actually enjoy participating in.

Here is my version of a behavior chart.

Since I have a six year old son and four year old daughter this works just right for them! I had their charts printed out on magnicote and laminated so they stick right to the fridge!

Supplies you need:
  • Package of wooden Popsicle sticks.
  • 8x10 printed chart laminated with magnicote
  • Plastic container to hold your "reward sticks".
  • Separate sheet printed with your stars on it so you can cut them out and glue or sew Velcro to the back.
  • Reward tickets.
Over the past few weeks that I have been doing this I have noticed a dramatic change in my children's behavior!!

How it works!

Each child will receive an "I did it" stick when they complete an assigned task or random act of kindness. I then place the stick in the "I did it" pocket .
When they receive 5 "I did it" sticks they receive a star or flower to stick to the bottom. They attach with Velcro.

When the child does not complete a task when asked they receive an "Uh-Oh" stick. It is then placed in the Uh-Oh pocket. They earn a job around the house for each Uh-Oh stick received.
My children know that they cannot go to be until their Uh-Oh pocket is clean. If they get five Uh-Oh sticks within a short amount of time, then a star or flower is removed.

Once they have five stars or flowers stuck along the bottom they will get to choose a reward stick.
I have written fun things on the sticks such as:
  • A date with mom and dad.
  • A trip to the dollar store.
  • A trip to DQ for an ice cream
  • Earn a dollar.
  • Dinner of your choice
  • ETC
Just to brake it up a bit I have also made "Seasonal tickets" they can earn. I cut these out and place them in a seperate cup from the "reward sticks". That way they know when a fun activity is coming up and they will try even harder. These are golden!!

For example: When holidays near there are always fun activites my children love to participate in such as:
  • Corn mazes
  • Fun train rides
  • Looking at  Christmas lights
  • A trip to the movies
I think you get the general idea.
 I have even added a picture of mom and dad which represents and date out with mom and dad! These can be a lot of fun to personalize for any occassion or activity!!

 My daughters behavior chart.

My son's behavior chart.

All of this was created using a kit of graphics from Designs by Krista and Heritage Collector Storybook.

The cost was under $10 to make too! It's durable and super easy to do. I love the simplicity and so do my children.

If you just need a monthly calendar for a job chart or whatever, these work great, too! And it is my gift to you!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Please, leave me a comment. I love to hear from you!!

You can print this in an 8x10

What I did with these is just print on cardstock, right from home.Then laminate with either contact paper, which is very inexpensive and you can find it anywhere. Or, just take it to your printing facility and have them laminate it for you. Have fun!
(Just to a right click, Click save as, then you can print!)


This is an 8x10 Black and white version. Many possibilities here! Kitchen menu calendar, job chart or month to month calendar! Just print, laminate and add magnets and hang on your fridge! Enjoy!
If you would like to learn how to use a wonderful calendar program, Click HERE!
You can create many fun things with this calendar program. The options are endless!
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