Thursday, September 1, 2011

Job & Behavior Charts...

These were really easy to make using the Heritage Collector Calendar Module! First you create your page using our calendar Module. Then create a new page drag each graphic over to the page you wish to print. Once your page is full of cute graphics, you are ready to print both pages! I printed these on an 8.5 x 11 so I could print right from home! The graphics used on the boy chart came from Jen C Designs. Found at Funkyplayground Designs. The graphics used on the girl Chart came from Ellie Lash Designs and Designs by krista.

These are the only materials you need! Designed pages printed on card stock, scissors and a plastic bag to store your cut out graphics!

My children have had so much fun sitting with me as I created their chart! I even let them choose the graphics to print for their "stickers". This had made "keeping the organization in the home" more fun! Once the calendar is full of their sticker they will recieve a reward.

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