Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Free online class! "Getting Started with Heritage Collector in 10 minutes". Princess Birthday invitation.

Thanks for stopping by today! I have some fun things to share with you today. First I want to tell you about a free online class that will be held.

We will be having another free online class Thursday March 8th 7 pm MST.

6-7:00 PM - Pacific
7-8:00 PM  - Mountain
8-9:00 PM - Central
9-10:00 PM - Eastern

If you are new to Heritage Collector and would like to learn more about us, this class would be perfect for YOU.

Learn how to create a collection, tips for naming collections, importing photos, move photos to different collections,  create and share a gift CD/DVD and more.

Sign up for the free class here.

Download the FREE standard version here.

Does this picture look familiar to you? I know many of us feel completely overwhelmed with even the thought of trying to organize our "stuff". (photos, and multi media)

Let us teach you how you can organize and preserve those precious memories with Heritage Collector.

(and have an enjoyable time while you are organizing!)

I want to share with you a little sneak preview of my latest project. Yes, were having a princess birthday party at my house!

This entire invitation was created using only Heritage Collector Storybook, and graphics from The Sweet Shoppe.

Sadie and I have been discussing for weeks what kind of a birthday she wanted. She finally decided on a princess theme. I was so excited because I knew just how much fun we could have putting it together.

While her brother was at school, Sadie and I had the opportunity to design her birthday invitation together. She is very easy to please! Didn't take much time at all to put this little invite together today.

I will have more fun things to show about her birthday.

I hope you will come back really soon! Thanks for looking. :)

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