Thursday, May 24, 2012

Family Reunion Flyers, invitations and more ideas for your upcoming event! Fun Digital scrapbook pages.

Family Reunions are a special time for families. We understand the importance of your event and would love to help you create something to share with your family that will be cherished for many years!

Heritage Collector has a module (already included in the suite version if you own it) that allows you to create what we like to call a "gift cd".

How this works is you import or scan your photos into Heritage Collector, click on the CD icon, then select the photo collection you would like to share. Then burn it to a cd! Your done. It really is that simple.

Just think how excited your family will be that you can share some precious family photos that they may not already have in their possession!

Now, you have something priceless to share at your next family reunion or get together.

Heritage Collector is in the process of creating a "Family Reunion Quick Page Collection". This will allow you to have the ability to personalize your invitations, flyer's and even a CD cover to go with it!

Here is a little teaser for you!

Family Reunion Invitations, Flyers and CD covers!

This is an 8.5 x 11 Flyer you can print right from home! All you do is add your text and pictures. Takes seconds with our quick pages.

This is a 5 x 5 CD cover to match the above flyer. Once again, can be printed right from home.

7 x 5 Family Reunion Invitation

5 x 5 Cd cover

This is what the quick pages will look like after you download them.
Insert your pictures in the middle and add your text like you saw in the first photo. You could have these done in about 5-10 minutes! This is the Family Reunion Flyer. 8.5 x 11

This is the 5 x 5 cd cover you saw in the top photo. Just add a photo, text, then print!

This quick page collection will be available soon! Keep checking back!

We will be having a free online class to show you how to do work with our quick pages! Check back with us really soon.

Fun Digital Scrapbook pages!

This page was created in Heritage Collector Storybook. I used an adorable kit of graphics from Designs by Krista. "Hey Mister".
I only spent a little over an hour to make this 12 x 12 page. 

Once again, this page only took a little over an hour to make!
These past few days have been fun and stress relieving! Digital scrapbooking and Family History are the key to my sanity!!

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