Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Family History Fun For All Ages.

Most of us are attempting to do a Family history to hand down to our kids, grand kids and relatives.
Handing your kids a 40 1b book or hundred pages of text doesn't  inspire the younger generations to read it.
Older relatives and grandchildren may be challendged by computer technology so giving them a CD/DVD may not be the answer.

Digital Scrapbooking is an easy and fun way to pass down the History!

Begin by selecting a very basic Family History topic such as a one page history of your mom or dad. Use your computer to combine a few interesting photos with a little descriptive text. Print the page and put in a binder. Young people will be attracted to the photos. Older children, teenagers and adults will read the captions to.

Here is an exampe of a very basic page with  a few graphics, text and photos.

This page only took about 20 mintues to make. Just by using a very inexpensive kit of graphics from Designs by Krista, ( Pretty things Collection) and printing the page on photo paper from Costco. This entire project only cost me about about $2.00. It's printed on photo paper which is rated for up to 60 years! You now have the start to a wonderful History your family is going to love and cherish.

This page I had a lot of fun with! The bright colors and adorable photographs were easy to work with.
This page only took about an hour to make. I used Designs by Krista "Groovy Girl" kit and Heritage Collector Storybook to make.
Digital scrapbooking has become my new hobby. It's something I can afford, I can express my creativity and its fun! You can't go wrong there.

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