Monday, February 13, 2012

Personalized Kids Valentines. A fun project for the mom and the kids!

I can't believe we are starting a new week and that Valentines Day is tommorrow! At least I can breathe a sigh of relief as my children's valentines are now done. Wahoo!

I did have fun making them though. The reason I decided to make my own instead of purchase from the store, is the fun interaction I had with my kids as we created them.

I took a turn with each child alone. They sat next to me on the computer and told me just what they wanted. These are their very own creations!

This was really a pretty simple project because of the simplicity of Heritage Collector Storybook. Each one only took about 10-20 minutes to create. Then printed right from home on card stock.

Used a hole punch for a place to poke a sucker through and.... presto! Project done! Didn't even cost that much maybe
 .15 cents or less for each one.

My kids favorite part was placing the suckers in the holes on the paper. Mommy wasn't allowed to do that! That's the kids job. I'm smililing of course as I say that.  :)

Here you go! Project Valentine complete!

Thanks for stopping by. Watch my blog for upcoming webinars and more fun projects.


  1. WOW-what a mom you are! These are very cute. Your family is BEAUTIFUL and the blog banner is stunning. Thanks for linking up with us at Patches of Pink! Creative blessings, Brynn

  2. Cute idea, and I love that you worked with your kids to make these. I think its important to not just do it for them but to have them help and enjoy mom and me time. Thanks for linking up at patches of pink

  3. WOW, lots of work...what a GREAT mommy! Well worth it, they are AWESOME! GREAT idea!
    Thank you for sharing your creativity with us at Patches of Pink.
    POP DT Member

  4. What a sweet project- I bet your kids LOVED it! How fun! Thanks for linking up with us at Patches of Pink!
    Heather P:)

  5. Adorable valentines, I bet your kids loved being involved with this project! Thanks for linking up with us over at Patches of PInk!!


  6. Wow, What a great way to make each child feel special. I am your newest follower looking forward to more great projects. Thanks for linking up with Patches of Pink. Traci

  7. what a cute idea! I will have to try these next year!

    Thanks for linking up with us over at Patches of Pink!


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