Monday, September 2, 2013

Framed Mini Calendar

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Mini Calendar

Like many of you, I am continusly on the lookout for great unique gift ideas to have on hand to give away for Birthdays, Special Occasions, Christmas and so on. And, I am just in the mood to do a little craft. Break away from the norm and get out my spray paint and sand paper.

This cute little calendar was inspired by my sister Terresa.  She found these really cute frames from a local craft store here in town. Terresa is very crafty and loves to be creative. Go, take a peek at her blog, HERE.

I designed these little calendars in the Heritage Collector Calendar Module.
Once I had the size figured out, they were really pretty simple to make and have a fun unique twist to them.

I create them in a 3x3 size then later added to an 8x10 so I could print right from home on card stock. And, they looked great! Plus, I only had to print out two pages.
Once I had them printed out, just cut, place in order, and you are ready to attach to your cute little frame!
To get the pages to stick together and work like a regular calendar that you just tear at the top. just add a smudge of hot glue or glue of your choice to the top portion.

Paint your frame any color you like! I like to use spray paint but you could really use any type of paint for this.
Then, just glue to the back or use double sided tape like I did.  This calendar was just placed over the top of the hole on the frame.

Here it is! I thought it turned out pretty cute. And, what a fun gift I will give at Christmas this year.

To learn more about the Calendar program I used to make this click HERE
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