Saturday, September 7, 2013

Turning a regular wall calendar into a Journal!

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Like many of you, I am a super busy momma with a daily to do list a mile long. Feeling overwhelmed about journal keeping was last on my list!

 Keeping a journal or family history is vital! I know, you feel to busy, overwhelmed, stressed or all of the above. I have been in this place many times myself.

Many years ago I got the idea of making a personal calendar for myself. I added pictures of my kids, family events, birthdays, anniversary's and so on.  I loved seeing my sweet children's faces displayed on my calendar as I walked passed it many times during my day.

Though I loved seeing the pictures, I felt I needed to add more. As my days grew even more busy, my to do list even longer, I so badly wanted to keep a family journal but felt just like you. "How in the world am I going to fit one more thing in my already jam packed day"?  I thought to myself.

The answer was really quite simple. Just jot down a few really important things about my day, week or something important during the month on my calendar! 
On the top portion of the calendar I write down specific things I want to remember. For example, cute statements my kids have made, Goals that have been met, Illnesses, Struggles and victory's.
On the bottom portion of the calendar, I document birthdays, anniversary's dance recitals and important events.

I didn't just reserve my calendar journal for happy events, I documented illnesses, and a few struggles as well. This made my record keeping a REAL family experience. As I have looked back, I have really appreciated seeing ALL that my family has been through over the past year.

This little project has really been a rewarding experience. It has really made me take a good look at my day to day activities a little deeper. I have even simplified as well.

I challenge you to try this! It's a wonderful rewarding, simple way to keep a journal. You don't even have to make your calendar (though it does make it more personal when filed away) you can use a store bought one.  Just document your memories! They are to precious to have them slip away to be forgotten.

You can then add your own pictures and text to personalize. Keep in mind Heritage Collector templates are only compatible with Heritage Collector software. If you would like to learn more about the calendar module, Click here.
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