Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Organizing and preserving your video clips. Tuesday Freebie!

Preserving your video clips
Today, I am smiling big! I am achieving a goal I have had for quite some time now! Getting my video converted and onto my computer and organized into Heritage Collector. Where I can find, share, and enjoy it!! As I like to say, "What good are photos and video clips if you can't find them to enjoy and share". Am I right?
I have been reliving some very precious memories as I have been working on this project.
I love to see the excitement on my children's faces as they watch these video clips of them as babies, mommy and daddy's wedding, family vacations, birthdays, and so on. The best part is now these memories are backed up and preserved! I can now find them in seconds. Thanks to Heritage Collectors wonderful search tool!
 I hope to be completely done in two weeks! I spend just an hour each day in the morning. I can usually get at least one full tape done a day.
These types of projects are so fulfilling to me. I love it! Today, my smile is getting bigger!!

Don't let stress and feelings of being overwhelmed take over
Before I began this project I felt Intimidated and stressed about it. I felt like it was a task I couldn't complete. I guess you could say it haunted me for quite some time.
As many of you know, the area in which I live experienced a very scary fire this year. As I went through that very scary process  (I was evacuated from my home for over 24 hours) I felt very unprepared in the sense of preserving my memories. I wasn't given much time to get out of my home. (Meaning, I couldn't be picky with what I chose to take with me. Luckily, I had my external drive handy with all of my pictures safetly backed up.)
My pictures were in good shape but my documents and video were not.
I vowed after that experience that I would make it a goal to be totally prepared before the years end.
I am not far from achieving it!

Take it a day at a time
If you are just getting started or find yourself with the same thoughts and feelings as me in the beginning, don't give in to those overwhelmed feelings!
Heritage Collector has been a tremendous blessing in my life. I feel like now I am good shape. I still have some work to do. But I will keep working on it a day at a time.

Marlo and I (Kathleen) will be teaching a free online class on how to do  this. When you see just how easy this is, it will bring a smile to your face! I will post the free class on my blog and our facebook page.

You can also see more information by clicking here.

Just a word of caution, just like any hobby, this can be VERY addicting! Just give a try.  :)

Thanks for reading! -Kathleen

Tuesday Freebie

Make sure to go over to Designs by Krista's Facebook page and "Like" her. She gives away beautiful kits to her Facebook fans! By the way, her designs work beautifully with Heritage Collector! -Enjoy


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