Thursday, November 29, 2012

Organize your photos, sound files, text documents, and BACK UP!

Organizing your photos

Over the past few years I have come to a simple conclusion as to why it is so important to organize your pictures, text documents, sound files and video clips.

It's a rather simple conclusion. What good are these precious photos if I am not going to share them? If your photos are not organized and easily accessible, lets face it, you won't do anything with them, right?

When I started organizing my pictures and media into Heritage Collector, It quickly grew into a passion of mine.

My children LOVE to look at pictures of themselves, see and hear video, and view old pictures of their ancestors.

Another bonus of  organizing my pictures and media into Heritage Collector, is that I can back up the entire data base to an external hard drive!!

Try out the Standard Version free!

Make photo organization fast and easy. Organize and find photos, documents, audio files, video clips and more. Keep associated photos and files together. Create and update photo collections as you acquire more photos and information.

It's time to move your photos and family history from drawers, boxes, and CD/DVDs into your computer.
Heritage Collector can help find and organize photos
scattered all over your hard drive.

See just how easy it can be! Make your photos accessible and ready to share with your family.

This is  an example of what the Heritage Collector's Database looks like.

The collection name is displayed on the left. When you click on the collection, you see the thumbnails on the right that are in that collection. These pictures have narrative, GPS coordinates and captions!! Super easy to find and now I can share this entire collection with Heritage collector's newest feature! The cloud

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Family History Software. Helps you organize, label photos, use a cloud, find a photo in seconds, design slide shows, create beautiful storybooks, personalize family calendars, make GPS maps, share on CD/DVDs and more .
Thanks for reading!! -Kathleen

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